heather-headshot-2Steven & Heather Suchma / Blue Lion Salon Studios

Blue Lion is a salon suite business.  Simply put, we take large commercial spaces and subdivide them into individual salon / spa suites for entrepreneurial beauty professionals to lease for their businesses.

At a glance, it may seem that the boutique feel of our salons is what sets us apart from the competitors. Or could it be our meticulous attention to detail in the planning and architecture of the suites and common areas that allows us to stand out?  Maybe it’s the hospitality measures we are so passionate about?  As great as these measures are, they don’t equal success.


Our company is not great because of those things; those things are great because of our company.



DANIEL GOODWIN / Provident Wealth Advisors

TOM GLOVER / Optimized Operations Consulting

STEVEN & HEATHER SUCHMA / Blue Lion Salon Studios

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