Ken Lambert / Funeral Negotiator

Ken Lambert is a former Air Force Instructor Pilot, Squadron Commander, and Mortuary Officer.  In 1994 using computers and negotiation, Ken saved his first client, a friend, over $9,900.   Recently he saved another family over $27,000 compared to what they were going to spend – and, they got a nicer funeral.

Dealing with the funeral industry without the advice of Funeral Negotiators is just as foolish as going to court without an attorney. Ken coaches families at a time when they are most vulnerable to funeral home sales tactics and manipulation.  When funeral homes and cemeteries compete, the family wins at this very difficult game.

Ken is not a funeral director.  He neither buys nor sells funeral related merchandise or services.  He works directly for families, over the telephone and email. Ken educates and coaches families as they deal with the funeral industry.  Ken is a crisis educator and negotiator.  He helps families Nationwide.

Ken is regularly recommended by several hospices, hospitals, churches, and the many families he has previously helped.



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KEN LAMBERT / Funeral Negotiator

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