Dr. Michael Cimino DDS – Modern Smile Center

In 2011, I sought to bring high quality dentistry to the developing area of Creekside in the Woodlands, Spring, and Tomball.  My goal was to offer a variety of dental services so that patients could receive most all dental care in one place.  I opened the doors in early 2012 under the name, Modern Aesthetics Dental Centre.  After three years and hearing the confusion most patients had as to what I exactly offer, I decided to change the name of my practice to Modern Smile Center.  This change brought about major growth and more walk-in traffic.

My passion for dentistry has driven me to pursue a higher level of learning in Occlusion, Dental Implants, and Orthodontics. As a general dentist, I have the luxury to practice multiple disciplines of dentistry a day, and offer so many options for patients with multiple dental problems.

As a business owner for the last 5 years I have had to develop leadership skills never taught to me in dental school.  Managing staff, hiring, firing, marketing, patient relations, dental insurances, and the like have been the most challenging.


DANIEL GOODWIN / Provident Wealth Advisors

DR. JOHN NEWBOLD / Sam Houston State University

DR.MICHAEL CIMINO DDS / Modern Smile Center

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